60th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Monday AM

PLSalon AB

Plenary Lecture

Organizer(s) - A.K. Dalai
Chair(s) - A.K. Dalai

08:30 00001 The Oil Sands - Energy for Today, Technology for Tomorrow MacSween M.
09:30 End of Session

BBE1Gallery D

Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering

Organizer(s) - Y.-H. Lin; C. Niu
Chair(s) - A. Sen; Y.-H. Lin

10:00 00002 Bioengineering of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Production in Microcarrier Cultures for the Treatment of Diabetes Panchalingam K.M., Jung S., Paramchuk W.J., Rosenberg L., *$Behie L.A.
10:20 00003 Diffusion and Binding of an Anti-Amyloid Beta Antibody in Alzheimer's Diseased Brain Tissue *McLean D.P.J., Cooke M., Wang Y., Fraser P., St George-Hyslop P., $Shoichet M.S. WITHDRAWN
10:40 00004 Quantification for Processes Involving Baculovirus Vectors *$Aucoin M.G.
11:00 00005 Microcarrier-Based Expansion of Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Precursor Cells in Suspension Culture Yuan Y., Hunter C., Kallos M.S., *$Sen A.
11:20 00006 Biosensor Trade-Off: Affect of Electric Field Parameters on Capture Efficiency *Tomkins M.R., $Docoslis P.R.
11:40 00007 Novel Methods for the Discovery of Highly Potent Therapeutic Antibodies *Ge X., $Georgiou G.
12:00 End of Session

CC1Salon E

Clean Coal Symposium

Organizer(s) - H. Wang; L. Chang
Chair(s) - H. Wang; E.J. Anthony

Keynote Lecture:

10:00 00008 Mercury Control at SaskPower Smith D. W.
10:40 00009 The Design and Analysis of Activated Biochar Material for the Control of Elemental Mercury Emission from Industrial Facilities' Shewchuk S.R., Smith D., Azargohar R., De M., *Dalai A.K.
11:00 00010 Understanding the Effects of Sulfur on Mercury Capture from Coal-fired Utility Flue Gases Morris E.A., *Jia C.Q., Morita K.
11:20 00011 The Release Behavior of Chlorine and Mercury in Coal by Thermal Pretreatment before Coal Combustion Ma J.J., *Yao H., Luo G.Q., Fang X., Zhang B., Xu M.H., Han J.
11:40 00012 Capturing the Interactions of CO2 with an Amine-functionalized Metal Organic Framework Showing Preferential CO2 Uptake *Vaidhyanathan R., $Shimizu G.K.H., Iremonger S.S., Woo T.K.
12:00 End of Session

CCS1Gallery C

CO2 Capture and Sequestration

Organizer(s) - N. Mahinpey; P. Tontiwachwuthikul; M. Dong
Chair(s) - N. Mahinpey; J. Lim

Keynote Lecture:

10:00 00013 Dry Capture of CO2: Some Challenges Grace J.R.
10:40 00014 Behavior of CaO-Based Sorbent Pellets Supported by Calcium Aluminate Cements for CO2 Capture in a Bench-Scale Bubbling Bed *$He I., Manovic V., Wu Y.H., Anthony E.J.
11:00 00015 N2O Solubility and N2O Diffusivity of Aqueous 4-(Diethylamino)-2-Butanol Solutions Sema T., Edali M., Naami A., *Idem R., Tontiwachwuthikul P.
11:20 00016 Quantification of Amine Vaporization Loss from CO2 Capture Process Raghu A., *Veawab A., Aroonwilas A.
11:40 00017 Screening of Chemical Solvents Used for Carbon Dioxide Capture Based on Their Kinetics Using A Stopped-flow Technique Rayer V.A., *$Henni A., Tontiwachwuthikul P.
12:00 End of Session

ENY1Salon D


Organizer(s) - J. Soltan; R. Idem
Chair(s) - S. Sokhansanj

Keynote Lecture:

10:00 00018 Techno-economic and Ecological Planning and Assessments for Sustainable Energy and Bio-based Value Chains Froehling M., Schultmann F.
10:40 00019 Fractionation of Non-conventional Crops using Steam Treatment and Non-enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose to Glucose for Ethanol Production *$Lavoie J.M., Berberi V., Turcotte F., Chornet M.
11:00 00020 Performance Evaluation of Heterogeneous Catalysts for Biodiesel Production from High Free Fatty Acid Feedstock Annamalai N., *Aroonwilas A., Veawab A.
11:20 00021 Production of Green Fuels from Waste Cooking Oil using a Sulfated Zirconia Modified Hydrotreating Catalyst Curtis G., *Zheng Y., McGrady S.
11:40 00022 Enhancing the Enzymatic Digestibility of Areca Nut Husk Fiber by Optimization of the Acid Catalyzed Pretreatment Process Sasmal S., Mohanty K., *$Goud V.V.
12:00 End of Session

ENY3Salon C

Gasification and Hydrogen Production

Organizer(s) - J. Soltan; R. Idem
Chair(s) - R. Idem

10:00 00023 ENEA's Activities on Thermochemical Hydrogen Production from New and Renewable Sources *Giaconia A., Caputo G., Sau S., Felici C., Tarquini P.
10:20 00024 An Experimental Study of Heavy Hydrocarbons Decomposition by Treatment with High-temperature Flames *Granovskii M., Gerspacher R., $Pugsley T., Sanchez F.
10:40 00025 Modeling Biomass Gasification in Circulating Fluidized Beds *Zhu J., $Miao Q., Barghi S., Wu C., Yin X., Zhou Z.
11:00 00026 Gas Composition Mapping in a Fluidized Bed Gasifier Gerspacher R., *Jaffer N., $Pugsley T.
11:20 00027 Catalysts for Feedstock-Flexible and Process-Flexible Hydrogen Production * Khan A., *Idem R., Ibrahim H., Kumar P., Saha B., Sukonket T.
11:40 00028 Catalytic Decomposition of Methane to Hydrogen and Carbon Nanofibers on Silica Supported Mono Metallic Catalysts Saraswat S., Pant K.K.
12:00 End of Session

ENV2Centennial Hall B

Improving Air Quality

Organizer(s) - M. Nemati; S. Shewchuk
Chair(s) - S. Shewchuk; M. Nemati

10:00 00029 The Oxidation of NO, CO, and Hydrocarbons Individually and in Mixtures with NO2 over a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst AL-Harbi M., *$Epling W.S.
10:20 00030 An Elemental Mercury Emission Control into the Environment Approach for Saskatchewan *Shewchuk S., Dalai A.K.
10:40 00031 Simulation Model for Photochemical Degradation of Benzene in Waste Gas *$De Visscher A., Mahmoudkhani F.
11:00 00032 Removal of Formaldehyde from Indoor Air by Catalytic Ozonation *Rezaei E., $Soltan J.
11:20 00033 Biodiesel Production from WCO and Survey the Emissions that Caused by Burning of Biodiesel $Mansourpoor M.
11:40 End of Session

HOS4Salon AB


Organizer(s) - A.K. Dalai; J. Adjaye
Chair(s) - J. Adjaye; Y. Zheng

Keynote Lecture:

10:00 00034 Oilsands Technology Needs and Supporting Fundamental Research Gray M.R.
10:40 00035 Developing a New Thermal Simulator for Modeling of SAGD Process for Ultra Heavy Oil Recovery Dong C., *Bahonar M., Chen Z., Moghadasi M.
11:00 00036 Pore-Scale Monitoring of Wettability Alteration by Silica Nanoparticles during Polymer Flooding to Heavy Oil in Five-Spot Micromodel *$Maghzi A., Mohebbi A., Kharrat R., Ghazanfari M., Hosseinzaddegan H.
11:20 00037 Enhancing Flow Testing for Producing Wells on Offshore Wellhead Platform Farid H.M.
11:40 00038 Predicting Bottom-hole Pressure in Vertical Multiphase Flow in an Iranian Oil Reservoir Using Radial Basis Function (RBF) Neural Networks *$Mohammadpoor M., Torabi F.
12:00 End of Session

MP4Regal A

Polymer Materials and Nano-processing I

Organizer(s) - D.K. Hwang
Chair(s) - R. Thring; D.K. Hwang

Keynote Lecture:

10:00 00039 Paste Engineering: Multi-phase Materials and Multi-phase Flows Wilson D.I.
10:40 00040 Spectral and Physical Properties of Electrochemically Formed Colored Layers on Titanium Covered with Clearcoats Munro A., *Cunningham M.F., $Jerkiewicz G.
11:00 00041 Novel Surface Modifying Macromolecules (SMMs) Blended Polysulfone Gas Separation Membranes *$Savoji H., Rana D., Matsuura T., Tabe S., Soltanieh M.
11:20 00042 Fabrication of Nanodiamond Thin Films by Layer-by-Layer Assembly Wang H.D., *Niu C., $Yang Q.
11:40 00317 Chemical Modification of Montmorillonite using Silanes and Improvement on Mechanical Properties of Clay/Fluoroelastomer Nanocomposites Khajehpour M., Gelves G.A., *Sundararaj U.
12:00 End of Session

PCO1Gallery A

Advanced Control I

Organizer(s) - A. Ben-Zvi; M. Guay
Chair(s) - A. Ben-Zvi; J.M. Lee

Keynote Lecture:

10:20 00043 Sample-based Approaches to Decision Making Problems under Uncertainty *$Lee J.M.
11:00 00044 Model Predictive Control of Czochralski Crystal Growth Process *$Ng J., Dubljevic S.
11:20 00045 Uniting Data-based Methods with Non-linear Control Tools for Batch Process Control Aumi S., *Mhaskar P.
11:40 00046 Linear Quadratic Control of a Tubular Reactor with Axial Dispersion *Mohammadi L., Aksikas I., Dubljevic S., Forbes J.F.
12:00 End of Session

PCO3Gallery B

Applied Statistical Methods I

Organizer(s) - A. Ben-Zvi; M. Guay
Chair(s) - T.A. Duever; J. Soltan

10:20 00047 Dynamic Instrument Monitoring and Conditioning using Bayesian Methods Gonzalez R., *Huang B.
10:40 00048 The Use of Singular Spectrum Analysis for Process Analysis and Monitoring Yuan H., *$Harris T., McLellan J.
11:00 00049 Model Discrimination for the Modeling of Polymerization Systems using Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Methods *$Masoumi S., Duever T.A.
11:20 00050 Fault Detection and Diagnosis: Observability and Isolability *$Bin Shams M.A., Duever T.A., Budman H.M.
11:40 End of Session

PSM2Blair Nelson

Risk Assessment

Organizer(s) - G. Phillips
Chair(s) - B. Kelly

10:00 00051 Propane Safety in the Context of the Ontario Regulations Oliverio M., Pierorazio A.
11:00 00052 Forest Fire, Risk and Control Azari H.
11:30 00053 Safety Analysis of the High Pressure Steam Pipeline *Nikeghbal A., Dabir B., Zokaee F.
12:00 End of Session

REC4Gallery Suite 1

Novel Catalyst Preparation

Organizer(s) - N. Abatzoglou; C. Fairbridge
Chair(s) - N. Abatzoglou; C. Fairbridge

Keynote Lecture:

10:00 00054 A New Approach to the Synthesis of Ti-SBA-15 Epoxidation Catalysts Kaliaguine S., *Kleitz F., $Bérubé F.
10:40 00055 Recent Advances in Catalyst Preparation of Syngas to Methanol Process *$Miremadoddin R., Bahmani M., Taghizadeh M.
11:00 00056 1-Butene Catalytic Cracking over 1%K/ZSM-5 Catalyst: Effect of Operating Conditions to Maximize Propylene Yield *Epelde E., Gamero M., Mier D., Aguayo A.T., Gayubo A.G., Bilbao J.
11:20 00057 Deactivation Mechanism of Catalyst for CO2 Reforming of CH4 in Presence of H2S and SO2 Shakouri M., *$Wang H.
11:40 00058 Spatial Temperature and Concentration Profile Changes Following Heterogeneous Aging in a Model Diesel Oxidation Catalyst *$Epling W., Russell A.
12:00 End of Session

THM1Regal B

PVT of Petroleum Systems

Organizer(s) - D.-Y. Peng; A. Phoenix
Chair(s) - D. Zhang; J. Abedi

10:00 00059 Calculations of Fluid Distributions in Oil Columns Using Thermodynamic Models *$Zuo J.Y., Zhang D., Mullins O.C., Dong C., Freed D.E.
10:20 00060 New Approach for Bitumen Characterization and Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Calculation of Bitumen-Solvent Systems using an Equation of State Kariznovi M., Nourozieh H., *Abedi J.
10:40 00061 Gas Hydrate Phase Equilibria: Success and Pitfalls in Mixed Clathrate Systems *$Beltran J.G.
11:00 00062 Hydrate Formation in the Presence of Hydrogen Chen G.J., Ma Q.L., Pang J., Zuo J., Zhang D., Ng H.-J.
11:20 00063 Phase Behavior Study of Liquid-Liquid Equilibria in Bitumen-Solvent Mixtures Nourozieh H., Kariznovi M., *Abedi J.
11:40 End of Session

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