60th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Transport Phenomena

Tuesday AM

TP2Regal B

Multi-phase Flow

Organizer(s) - D.-Y. Peng
Chair(s) - R. Evitts; S. Sanders

10:00 00341 Interface Tracking and Direct Simulation of Interphase Heat and Mass Transfer in Multicomponent Vapour-Liquid Flows Haelssig J.B., Tremblay A.Y., *Thibault J., Etemad S.Gh.
10:40 00343 Velocity Field Measurements Around a Taylor Bubble Rising in Stagnant Liquids *$Saad G.A., Bugg J.D.
11:00 00344 Understanding the Action of Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors Daraboina N., *Englezos P., Ripmeester J.
11:20 00345 Using Tomography and Computational Fluid Dynamics to Investigate the Solid-Liquid Mixing in Agitated Vessels Hosseini S., *Patel D., Ein-Mozaffari F., Mehrvar M.
11:40 00346 Dynamic Modeling of Turbulent Bubbly Flow in Airlift Reactors *$Mohajerani M., Mehrvar M., Ein-Mozaffari F.
12:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM

TP3Regal B

Particulate Flows

Organizer(s) - D.-Y. Peng
Chair(s) - J. Zhu; S. Sanders

13:20 00441 Droplet Deposition on a Circular Disk Normal to an Aerosol Flow *Petkovic B., Taghipour F., Posarac D., $Watkinson P.
13:40 00442 An Investigation of Mixing and Segregation of Granules in a Tumbling Saddle Blender *$Alizadeh E., Legros R., Bertrand F., Chaouki J.
14:00 00443 A Comparative Study: Numerical Investigation of Mass and Mole based Multicomponent Diffusion in Porous Pellets for Sorption-Enhanced Steam Methane Reforming Rout K.R., Nayak A.K., Jakobsen H.A.
14:20 00444 Analytical Model for Dynamic Filtration and Filter Cake Buildup of Bentonite Muds Akhlaghinia M., *Torabi F., $Mohammadpoor M.
14:40 00445 Flow of Nano-suspensions in Porous Media *Zamani A., Maini B., Pereira-Almao P.
15:00 00446 Dynamic Calibration of Optical Fibre Probes in Gas-Solid Flow Systems: Low and High Solids Concentration Qi M., *Zhu J.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00447 Crystal Formation at the Contact Points Between Two Particles Nie R., *Evitts R.W., $Besant R.W.
16:00 00448 Improved Predictions of the Kinematic Friction Losses in Slurry Pipelines Gillies D., Sanders R.S., Gillies R.G.
16:20 00449 Improvement of Fluidization of Nano Particles by Particle Mixing and Pulsated Flow Sadiq Ali S., $Asif M.
16:40 End of Session

Wednesday AM

TP1Regal B

Fluidized Beds

Organizer(s) - D.-Y. Peng
Chair(s) - J. Zhu; R. Evitts

10:00 00504 Biomass Pyrolysis in Rotating- and Circulating Rotating Fluidized Beds in a Static Geometry *$De Wilde J.
10:20 00505 Hydrodynamics of Micro-Sized Fluidized Beds Doroodchi E., Abbasi-Shavazi E., Evans G.M.
10:40 00506 Application of Radioactive Particle Tracking to the Fluidization of Fluid Coke $Sanchez Careaga F.J., *Pugsley T., Granovskiy M., Gray M., Mueller E., MacMillan J.
11:00 00507 Mixing-Segregation Model for Predicting Minimum Fluidization Velocities of Binary-Solid Fluidized Beds *$Asif M.
11:20 00508 Cluster Based Approach in CFB Exit for Producing MAN from Partial Oxidation of n-Butane *$Hojjati A., Alavi S.M
11:40 End of Session

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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