60th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Materials and Processes

Monday AM

MP4Regal A

Polymer Materials and Nano-processing I

Organizer(s) - D.K. Hwang
Chair(s) - R. Thring; D.K. Hwang

Keynote Lecture:

10:00 00039 Paste Engineering: Multi-phase Materials and Multi-phase Flows Wilson D.I.
10:40 00040 Spectral and Physical Properties of Electrochemically Formed Colored Layers on Titanium Covered with Clearcoats Munro A., *Cunningham M.F., $Jerkiewicz G.
11:00 00041 Novel Surface Modifying Macromolecules (SMMs) Blended Polysulfone Gas Separation Membranes *$Savoji H., Rana D., Matsuura T., Tabe S., Soltanieh M.
11:20 00042 Fabrication of Nanodiamond Thin Films by Layer-by-Layer Assembly Wang H.D., *Niu C., $Yang Q.
11:40 00317 Chemical Modification of Montmorillonite using Silanes and Improvement on Mechanical Properties of Clay/Fluoroelastomer Nanocomposites Khajehpour M., Gelves G.A., *Sundararaj U.
12:00 End of Session

Monday PM

MP5Regal A

Polymer Materials and Nano-processing II

Organizer(s) - D.K. Hwang
Chair(s) - C. Cheng; D.K. Hwang

13:20 00129 Develop New Fluoroelastomer (FKM) / Curable Organo-Montmorillonite (OMMT) Nanocomposites Bai Y., Sundararaj U.
13:40 00130 The Effect of Nanoclay Dispersion Level on the Dynamic Vulcanization of TPV Nanocomposites Based on PP/EPDM Prepared by Reactive Extrusion Mirzadeh A., Lafleur P.G., Dubois C., Kamal M.R.
14:00 00131 Effect of Clay Dispersion Method on Structural and Mechanical Properties of the Epoxy Layered Silicate Nanocomposite *Bashar M.T., Mertiny P.
14:20 00132 Polymer Grafting and Self-cleaning and Antimicrobial Materials Li M., *Zhu S.
14:40 00133 Carbon Dioxide Switchable Surfactants for the Preparation of Stimuli Responsive Polymer Colloids Fowler C., O'Neill C., Jessop P.G., *$Cunningham M.F.
15:00 00134 Nanocrystal Plasma Polymerization: From Colloidal Nanocrystals to Free-Standing Inorganic Composites Cademartiri L., Ghadimi A., $Ozin G.A.
15:20 End of Session

MP6Regal A

Polymer Materials and Nano-processing III

Organizer(s) - D.K. Hwang
Chair(s) - Q. Yang; D.K. Hwang

15:40 00135 Core-Shell Copper Nanowire/Polyaniline Nanostructures Sarvi A., Gelves G.A., Cortes M.T., *Sundararaj Ut.
16:00 00136 Performance and Mechanical Properties of Asymmetric Polyethersulfone (PES) Membranes with Polyethylene Glycol Prepared by Phase Separation Method Fathizadeh M., *Aroujalian A.
16:20 00137 Continuous Rubber Devulcanization Using Supercritical CO2: Recycling Tire Rubber Crumb Meysami M., *Zhu S., $Tzoganakis C.
16:40 00138 An Investigation on Flow-induced Alignment of Carbon Nanotubes in Polycarbonate using Microinjection Molding Arjmand M., *Sundararaj U., Mahmoodi M., Gelves G.A., Park S.
17:00 End of Session

Tuesday AM

MP1Regal A

Functional Materials and Processes I

Organizer(s) - D.K. Hwang
Chair(s) - S. Zhu; D.K. Hwang

10:20 00318 A Novel MultiGram-Scale and Green(er) Strategy for the Synthesis of Colloidal Nanostructures Cademartiri L., $Ozin G.A.
10:40 00319 Developments in Fabrication Processes that Incorporate Selenium Nanowires *$Gates B.D., Zhang X., Wang M.C.P.
11:00 00320 Flexible Graphene Films for Supercapacitor Application *Yu A., Chen Z.-w., Davies A., $Isaac R.
11:20 00321 Pyrophoric Iron Nanoparticles Produced by a Continuous Reactor *Nosella K., $Faucher S.
11:40 00322 Crystal Morphology Control of EU-1 Zeolite Xu Q., *$Dou T., Gong Y., Xu W., Liu X.
12:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM

MP2Regal A

Functional Materials and Processes II

Organizer(s) - D.K. Hwang
Chair(s) - B.D Gates; D.K. Hwang

13:20 00410 Catalytic Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol: Development of Supported Ru Bifunctional Catalysts Miryala B., Prasad R.B.N., $Prasad P.S.S., *Nakka L.
13:40 00411 Diamond-Like Carbon Thin Films by Ion Beam Deposition and Ion Beam Sputtering $Niakan H., *Yang Q., Sazpunar J.A.
14:00 00412 Spectral and Physical Properties of Electrochemically Formed Colored Layers on Titanium Covered with Clearcoats Cunningham M.F., $Munro A., *Jerkiewicz G.
14:20 00413 Morphological Factors affecting Gloss and Colour during Thermo-Mechanical Deformation of Decorative Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Films *Takacs E., Vlachopoulos J., $Thompson M., Nielsen K., Brandys F.
14:40 00414 Boronsubphthalocyanine Materials for Organic Electronics: Dyes, Sublimates and Engineered Crystals *$Bender T.P., Morse G.E., Paton A., Brisson E.
15:00 00415 Experimental Study of Corrosion Resistant of Nano-Structured Composition *$Mehranfar M., Dehghani K.
15:20 End of Session

MP7Regal A

Polymer Materials and Nano-processing IV

Organizer(s) - D.K. Hwang
Chair(s) - T.P. Bender; D.K. Hwang

15:40 00416 Synthesis and Scale-up of Styrene/Butyl Acrylate Latex Particles Prepared by Seeded Emulsion Polymerization Qiu S., *Liebermann G., $Ng H., Moore E., Chen A., Cheng C., Lai J.
16:00 00417 Free Radical Maleation of Refined Wax via a Single-Step Process *$Grauman Neander N.E., Rattle M., Zhu S.
16:20 00418 High Solids Nitroxide Mediated Microemulsion Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate with a Small Amount of Styrene Thomson M.E., Ness J., Schmidt S., *$Cunningham M.F.
16:40 00419 Novel Microstructures Induced by Partial Wetting in Ternary and Quaternary Immiscible Polymer Blends $Virgilio N., Sarazin P., *Favis B.D.
17:00 End of Session

Wednesday AM

MP3Regal A

Functional Materials and Processes III

Organizer(s) - D.K. Hwang
Chair(s) - D.K. Hwang

10:00 00479 Crystal Engineering of Boronsubphthalocyanine for Organic Electronic Applications *$Bender T.P., Paton A.
10:20 00480 Polymer-like Flexibility and Growth Kinetic in Inorganic Nanowires Cademartiri L., Guerin G., Bishop K.J.M., Winnik M.A., $Ozin G.A.
10:40 00481 Effect of Pretreatment and Drying Methods on the Physical and Thermal Properties of Oil-seed Flax Fibre $Tripathy A., Panigrahi S., Meda V.
11:00 00482 Abrasive Wear Behavior of Diamond-like Carbon Coatings as Orthopedic Joint Material $Zhang C., *Yang Q.
11:20 00483 Yielding and Flowing of Soft Colloidal Glasses $Virgilio N., Rogers S., Vlassopoulos D., *Cloitre M.
11:40 End of Session

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