60th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Heavy Oil and Oil Sands Symposium

Monday AM

HOS4Salon AB


Organizer(s) - A.K. Dalai; J. Adjaye
Chair(s) - J. Adjaye; Y. Zheng

Keynote Lecture:

10:00 00034 Oilsands Technology Needs and Supporting Fundamental Research Gray M.R.
10:40 00035 Developing a New Thermal Simulator for Modeling of SAGD Process for Ultra Heavy Oil Recovery Dong C., *Bahonar M., Chen Z., Moghadasi M.
11:00 00036 Pore-Scale Monitoring of Wettability Alteration by Silica Nanoparticles during Polymer Flooding to Heavy Oil in Five-Spot Micromodel *$Maghzi A., Mohebbi A., Kharrat R., Ghazanfari M., Hosseinzaddegan H.
11:20 00037 Enhancing Flow Testing for Producing Wells on Offshore Wellhead Platform Farid H.M.
11:40 00038 Predicting Bottom-hole Pressure in Vertical Multiphase Flow in an Iranian Oil Reservoir Using Radial Basis Function (RBF) Neural Networks *$Mohammadpoor M., Torabi F.
12:00 End of Session

Monday PM

HOS4Salon AB


Organizer(s) - A.K. Dalai; J. Adjaye
Chair(s) - Y. Zheng; J. Adjaye

13:20 00120 Parametric Modeling of Wear on the Wall of a Cylindrical Flotation Cell Bhushan V., *Lipsett M.G.
13:40 00121 Feasibility of Solvent-Assisted Polymer Flooding to Improve Heavy Oil Recovery Vafaei V., Zarivnyy O., Qazvini A., Kavousi A., *$Torabi F.
14:00 00122 Modeling Solvent Injection in Porous Media Regarding the Second Liquid Phase *Feizabadi S.A., $Abedi J., Chen Z.
14:20 00123 Modeling of Filtration Transport in Naturally Fractured Reservoir *$Shahri P., Moghadasi J., Shadizadeh
14:40 00124 Wetting Dynamics Involving Crude Oil-Water Interfaces Mirmontazeri L., *Yeung A., Liu Q.
15:00 00125 Effect of Drainage Height on Concentration-Dependent Propane Dispersion in Vapex Abukhalifeh H., *Upreti S.R., $Lohi A.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00126 Experimental and Numerical Simulation Study on the Applicability of Cyclic CO2 Injection (CO2 Huff-n-Puff) to Enhance Oil Recovery Kavousi A., Qazvini Firouz A., Vafaei V., *$Torabi F.
16:00 00127 Experimental Study of Hydrocarbon Solvent Injection in Shaly Heavy Oil Reservoirs Using Five-Spot Micromodels: The Role of Shale Geometrical Characteristics *$Mohammadi S., Masihi M., Ghazanfari M., Kharrat R., Feizabadi S.A.
16:20 00128 Steam Zone Classification in the Recovery of Bitumen by SAGD Technology Thimm H.F.
16:40 00342 Dissolved Oxygen Content Measurement in Aqueous and Hydrocarbon Liquids Fahiminia F., Herrera P.
17:00 End of Session

Tuesday AM

HOS4Salon AB


Organizer(s) - A.K. Dalai; J. Adjaye
Chair(s) - N. Semagina; A.K. Dalai

Keynote Lecture:

10:00 00312 Novel Catalytic and Absorptive Upgrading of Bitumen and Heavy Oil Pereira-Almao P.
10:40 00313 Predicting Bottom-hole Pressure in Vertical Multiphase Flow in an Iranian Oil Reservoir Using Radial Basis Function (RBF) Neural Networks *$Mohammadpoor M., Torabi F.
11:00 00314 Intermolecular and Surface Interactions of Asphaltenes in Organic Solvents Using Surface Force Apparatus (SFA) Natarajan A., Xie J., *$Zeng H., Masliyah J., Xu Z.
11:20 00315 Laboratory Investigation of Partially Saturated Gas hydrate Formation Habit in Porous Media: Permeability Comparison *$Sia C.W., Maini B.B.
11:40 00316 Aggregation of Silica Particles in Non-Aqueous Media Fotovati M., Omidghane M., *Yeung A., Liu Q.
12:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM

HOS1Salon AB


Organizer(s) - A.K. Dalai; J. Adjaye
Chair(s) - A.K. Dalai; N. Semagina

Syncrude Canada Innovation Award Lecture:

13:20 00392 The Call of the Green: Catalytic Transformation for Cleaner Fuels Zheng Y.
14:00 00393 Conversion of Petroleum Coke to Activated Carbon for Nickel Catalyst Supports *Barnard Z.G., $Choi J., Hill J.M.
14:20 00394 Hydrotreating of Coker Light Gas Oil on Ti-HMS Supported Ni/HPW Catalysts Soni K., Boahene P., Mouli K., *Dalai A., Adjaye J.
14:40 00395 Nano-structured Supported and Unsupported MoS2 Microspheres and Its Implication in Heavy Oil Hydrodesulfurization Yao S., Song C., Liu Y., Chen J., Fairbridge C., Liu H., Hui R., Zhang J.
15:00 00396 Reactivity Measurements and Kinetics of Pyridine HDN on WP/SiO2 and NixWP/SiO2 Ibeh B., *$Hill J.M.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00397 Application of Fe-W Catalysts for Hydroprocessing of Heavy Gas Oil: Effect of Using Different Supports Boahene P.E., *Dalai A.K., Adjaye J.
16:00 00398 Equivalent Rate Constant for Non-Isothermal Reacting Systems Salari H., Hassanzadeh H., *Abedi J.
16:20 00399 Cracking of Heavy Oil over a Catalyst Synthesized from Fly Ash Ramakrishna D.V., *$Pradhan N.C.
16:40 00400 DFT Study on Desulfurization Mechanism of Thiophene Over Ni/ZnO Liu H., Chen Y., Gao J.S., Chen Y., *Zhao L.
17:00 End of Session

HOS5Salon C


Organizer(s) - A.K. Dalai; J. Adjaye
Chair(s) - N.C. Pradhan

Keynote Lecture:

13:20 00401 What Does It Take to Design A ULSD Hydrotreater? Catalyst and Process Design Based on Molecular Reaction Pathway Studies Egeberg R.G.
14:00 00402 Integration of Thermochemical Hydrogen Production with Refining and Upgrading Operations in the Petrochemical Industry *Wang Z., $Naterer G.F.
14:20 00403 Solubility Modelling of Athabasca Vacuum Residue Using Group Additivity Methods Zargarzadeh M., McCaffrey W.C., *Gray M.R.
14:40 00404 Development of Hydrotreating Catalysts Supported on Activated Carbon Derived from Alberta Bitumen Coke *$Shi Y., Ding L., Chen S., Fairbridge C., Chen J.
15:00 00405 Hydrotreating Activity Study of NiMo/Zr-SBA-15 Catalyst Using Bitumen Derived HGO $Biswas P., *Dalai A., Adjaye J.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00406 Hydrodesulfurization of Whole Crude Oil Shafi R.
16:00 00407 Hydrogenation and Ring Opening of Heavy Molecules in Light Gas Oil over Pt/Al-SBA-15 Catalysts Choudhary O., Kotikalapudi C.M., *Dalai A.K.
16:20 00408 Kinetics Study of the Bunsen Reaction for Hydrogen Production from H2S Li J., *$Wang H.
16:40 00409 A New Methodology for Predicting Minimum Miscibility Pressure Using Back-Propagation Neural Netowrks *$Mohammadpoor M., Torabi F.
17:00 End of Session

Wednesday AM

HOS2Salon AB


Organizer(s) - A.K. Dalai; J. Adjaye
Chair(s) - G.D. Yadav; W. McCaffrey

Keynote Lecture:

10:00 00474 Syncrude's LC-FinerSM Hydroprocessor: 25 Years of Innovation McKnight C.
10:40 00475 Advanced Ceramic Membranes for Produced Water De-oiling in Heavy Oil and Oilsands Operations $Martez V., *Harding T., Gay-De-Montella R., Deriszadeh A.
11:00 00476 Utilizing Non-fresh Water for Bitumen Extraction and Upgrading with Cu-Cl Thermochemical Hydrogen Production *Wang Z., $Naterer G.F., Daggupati V.
11:20 00477 SAGD Processes with Fresh Water Contact Thimm H.F.
11:40 00478 Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Densification of Oil Sands Fine Tailings Zhu R., Liu Q., *Xu Z., Khan A., Masliyah J.
12:00 End of Session

Wednesday PM

HOS3Salon AB

Processing and Refining

Organizer(s) - A.K. Dalai; J. Adjaye
Chair(s) - W. McCaffrey; G.D. Yadav

13:20 00534 MoNi Supported on Amorphous Si-Ti-Al as Catalyst for Hydrotreating Light Cycled Oil Guan W., Lin H., *$Zheng Y.
13:40 00535 Application of Sulphur-promoted Nitride NiMo/cA2O3 on Hydroprocessing of Light Gas Oil $Dalai A.K., Adjaye J., Mapiour M.
14:00 00536 Simulation of Pressure Drop and Coke Deposition in the Grid of a Scrubber *$Subudhi N., Watkinson A.P., Posarac D.
14:20 00537 Application of Molecular Dynamics Simulation to Investigate the Miscibility of Asphaltene Model Compounds and Supercritical Fluid Javaheri A., *Choi P., $Xu Z.
14:40 00538 Lumped Kinetics of the Hydrocracking Process and the Effect of the Modified NH4Y Zeolites on the Cracking of LGO Dasila P., Kotikalapudi C., *Dalai A.
15:00 00539 Technique for Reconciling Flume Test Data *$Salama A.I.A., SALAMA Ahmed IA, SALAMA Ahmed IA, Friesen W., Dabros T.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00540 A New Surface Force Apparatus for Determining Interaction Forces Between an Air Bubble and Bitumen Surface Under Processing Conditions Wang L.X., Sharp D., *Xu Z.H., Masliyah J.H.
16:00 00541 Meaurement and Modeling of Emulsion Layer Growth in Continuous Oil-Water Separations Khatri N.L., Baydak E.N., *$Yarranton H.W.
16:20 00542 Synthesis, Characterization and Hydrotreating Activity Study of NiMo Catalyst Supported on Mesoporous Carbon for Gas Oil Feedstocks $N P., *Dalai A.K., Adjaye J.
16:40 00543 Formation of a Wall Coating Layer During the Pipeline Transport of Oil-Water Mixtures McKibben M.J., Sanders R.S.
17:00 End of Session

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